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Demarc Extension Services

Inside Wiring
This revolutionary program provides the exact requirements for your circuit, once it extends beyond the demarcation point at the Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE).

Testing & Maintenance
With any installation, it is crucial to have testing, validation and support services.

eCPE & Equipment Services
Drawing from our diverse experience of installing demarc extensions across national and cross-geographic environments, we have the processes and expertise to offer multi-eCPE services regardless of individual technology requirements.

riserSAFE Program
Building owners and managers understand the importance of riser management and the associated concerns surrounding the building's riser system. Under the riserSAFE program, building owners and managers work with one consistent, reliable source for managing the building's riser system.

Demarc Extension Nationwide Timeframes
As part of our service guarantee, we offer Demarc Extension Nationwide Timeframes tailored to your project needs.

100% Operational Guarantee
Above and beyond our accelerated and reliable services, we place a priority on our customer’s satisfaction with their network connections, which is why we offer our Demarc Extension Nationwide 100% Operational Guarantee.

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