Demarc Extension Nationwide Blog
Demarc Extension Nationwide Blog

February 5, 2014

Demarc Extension is Mostly Uncharted Territory

In a recent article from Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine titled “Demarc Extension is Mostly Uncharted Territory” it discusses extending the handoff point between public and private networks and why it remains an area largely unstandardized despite it being crucially important to the telecommunications industry.

The article also covers:

  • The role of key players in the telecommunications industry, such as Concert Technologies
  • The FCC and a brief history of deregulation of the phone industry and demarc extension regulations
  • Products and technologies that facilitate a demarc extension

Click here to read the full article from Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine

April 10, 2013

Demarc Extension Installation & Circuit Testing Nationwide

Demarc is short for Demarcation Point, or the spot in a building where telecom companies must leave their services. As mandated by federal law, all telecommunications carriers must hand off their telecom circuits to each subscriber, leaving their service at the building’s demarcation point, which is usually a ground floor telecom room. From this point, the demarc extension is the subscriber’s responsibility, extending their telecommunications circuit to their suite or network room, and begin using the telecom circuit.

Let Concert Technologies accelerate all your telecom circuit requirements through our Demarc Extension Nationwide program specifically developed to extend and test telecom circuits.

January 7, 2010

Telecom: When is There Enough Cable? The Answer is Never!

When you are setting up your business’s physical layout, you know that there are certain points that are important to consider. Yes, you must keep in mind that adequate rest rooms are an important part of the planning, and you know that you have to comply with city fire-codes about the exits. However, you should keep in mind another very important aspect of your layout – the telecommunications layout. Mapping of the phone closet and building DMARC (demarcation point) is very important not only for the current state of your business but for its future growth.

Telecom: When is There Enough Cable? The Answer is Never!

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