Demarc Extension Nationwide Blog
Demarc Extension Nationwide Blog

October 21, 2016

Making Ethernet Site Preparation Painless

Modern business models demand affordable, high-availability, high-capacity Internet connections at every location.  Fore carriers and local service providers, Ethernet is the preferred method to deliver reliable, scalable, high-bandwidth customer connectivity.

But There Are Challenges to Getting Service

If the move to Ethernet is badly managed, the outcome can be site revisits, poor site preparation, cost overruns, and delay of service switch-on.  This is because the End User Customer Requirements (EUCR) that must be captured and delivered to provision Ethernet service are far outside the experience of most customers.  Without the experience to anticipate issues and prevent delays, avoidable obstacles prolong frustration for all parties involved and make the path to Ethernet service expensive and disruptive.  For these reasons, which are aggravated further when looking at a project that spans many locations, customers should be encouraged tp work with a proven Ethernet Readiness partner.

Getting There Faster and Better

Concert Technologies has delivered thousands of Ethernet site preparation projects for major carriers and local service providers.  We deliver sites every day so that our partners can rapidly connect customers to their service. Concert has the knowledge and the skills to mitigate Ethernet deployment issues and their associated cost. A Registered Telecommunications Project Manager (RTPM) manages each Ethernet job and knows exactly how to coordinate between stakeholders.

The Process

We survey the site to build the EUCRs.  After this we look for ways to reduce cost and accelerate the install.  Once the scope of work is agreed, we manage the entire process keeping everyone advised of project status the whole way.  Capabilities that we offer as a part of this service include:

  • Turnkey Ethernet Site Preparation with LEC Validation of Requirements
  • Includes Inside/Outside Plant (ISP/OSP) installations
  • Includes Power Outlet and Grounding installations
  • Includes Inner Duct and Backboard installations
  • Local Techs in all US states and 165 countries

There are multiple benefits of this approach, including:

  • 100% managed Carrier Ethernet site prep
  • Accelerated site preparation
  • Minimize site visits and cost
  • Meet all carrier readiness requirements
  • Consistent communication with all parties
  • Local Techs in all US states and 165 countries

So, if you, or your customer, needs a proven, trusted partner to deliver high-quality Ethernet site prep on a nationwide basis, click on the ‘Contact Us’ button on the top right of the page.  We’ll get back to you quickly with a plan of attack.

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